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Emem Umoh, MS
Emem Umoh

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer


    	Emem Umoh
    	Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

        • Build:
        - Responsive (Conventional and Progressive) Web Apps
        - Cross-Platform (IOS, Windows, and Android) Mobile Apps
        - Cross-Platform (Mac, Windows, and Linux) Desktop Apps
        - Responsive (Conventional and e-commerce) Websites
        - Universal Windows Platform Apps (UWP)
        - RESTful APIs
        • Front-End Technology: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
        • Back-End Technology: Node.js
        • Responsive Front End Web Framework: Bootstrap
        • JavaScript Library: jQuery/React.js
        • JavaScript Web App Framework: Vue.js/AngularJS
        • Responsive Front End Web plugin: Reactstrap/Bootstrap-Vue/UI Bootstrap
        • Static site, SPA, and Server Rendered Apps Framework: Nuxt.js
        • Node.js Web App Framework: Express.js/Total.js
        • Full-Stack Web App Framework: MERN/Meteor
        • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Framework: PhoneGap
        • Cross-Platform Desktop Apps Framework: Electron
        • RESTful API Framework: Express.js
        • JavaScript test Framework: Mocha
        • Task Runner: Gulp.js
        • Package Manager: npm
        • Module Bundler: Webpack
        • Data Interchange Format: JSON
        • CSS Preprocessor: Less
        • Template engine: Handlebars/Total.js View Engine
        • Website: KeystoneJS CMS/Total.js CMS
        • eCommerce Website: ReactionCommerce/Total.js eShop
        • Database: MongoDB/Total.js Embedded NoSQL/MS SQL
        • Code Editor: Atom/Visual Studio Code
        • IDE: WebStorm/Visual Studio